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г. Дзержинск ФГУП "НИИ Полимеров
Дирекция: (8313) 25-25-25, 25-50-00
Департамент продаж: (8313) 27-22-95, 27-10-63, 26-06-02
Факс: (8313) 27-10-81

Scientific potential

"V.A. Kargin Polymer Research Institute" is one of the leading Russian Institute in the field of development of polymer materials and organic synthesis products.

Academic V.A. Kargin, an outstanding Russian physicochemist, specialist in colloid chemistry and polymers, founder of polymer school, was the originators of our Institute.

"V.A. Kargin Polymer Research Institute" has over 1300 patents of the RF and certificates of authorship of the USSR. Most of pilot projects were applied to industrial production.

The employees of the Institute have great experience and are the experts of international level in the following fields:

  • Research of processes regularity of obtaining (meth)acrylic series monomers and oligomers by (trans)esterification and transnitrilation reactions, reactivity and properties of obtained (meth)acrylates.
  • Examination of preparation conditions of polyatomic alcohol esters and their physical and chemical properties; research in the field of quantitative relationships between structure and properties of polyols ethers.
  • Research of polymer-like transfers by the example of obtaining polyvinyl alcohol acetals; synthesis and examination of polyvinyl acetals structure, correlation of structure with physical and chemical properties of the obtained polymers.
  • Research in the field of chemistry and technology of block (co)polymerization of (meth)acrylic monomers and obtained polymers properties.
  • Research of radical homo- and copolymerization processes of acrylic monomers and vinyl chloride.
  • Research of dispersion (emulsion and suspension) polymerization process of acrylic monomers.
  • Development of scientific basis and methods for production of nontoxic compositional disinfectants on basis of quaternary ammonium compounds.
  • Research of mechano-chemical processes of obtaining viscous and liquid water-soluble lubricants on basis of fatty acids.
  • Research in the field of production of reactive monomer-oligomeric, acrylic, acrylo-urethane and epoxy adhesive compositions; Study of adhesive components influence on their physical and mechanical properties (cure rate, heat stability, chemical resistance, strength characteristics)
  • Research of influence of formulation and technology factors on physical and mechanical, rheological and operational characteristics of polymer compositions on basis of polyolefins, polyvinylchloride and (oligo)polyamides.

Accredited analytical laboratory conducts sanitary and chemical investigations of polymer materials and products on their basis.

Accredited laboratory of physical and mechanical tests conducts comprehensive tests of polymer materials of any chemical nature.

Scientific and research section is provided with modern unique reactor (glass) equipment, as well as  research and test devices: mass-spectrometer, electron microscope, UV- and IR - spectrophotometers, gas-liquid and gel-penetrating chromatographs, instruments for nuclear magnetic resonance, electron paramagnetic resonance, X-ray structure analysis, equipment for physical-mechanical testing, climate chambers, digital Brookfield viscometers and others.

Highly professional employees, large modern equipment stock, more than 60 years experience in scientific and research works, all of these make "V.A. Kargin Polymer Research Institute" a leader in polymer chemistry.