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г. Дзержинск ФГУП "НИИ Полимеров
Дирекция: (8313) 25-25-25, 25-50-00
Департамент продаж: (8313) 27-22-95, 27-10-63, 26-06-02
Факс: (8313) 27-10-81

Fields of activity

Development of technological processes of acrylate and vinyl-chloride polymerization, technology of processing of compositions based on polyvinyl-chloride, polyacrylates, polyolefines and other polymers:

  • PVC-plasticates
  • PVC-plastisols
  • PVC-films
  • Acrylic adhesives
  • Anaerobic sealants
  • Suspension PVC
  • Acrylic monomers
  • Organic glass
  • Bullet-proof armour
  • Products and materials for medicine
  • Transparent polyolefines

Manufacture of products at the Institute pilot-production plant, export and import of goods.

  • Plasticates for food packing
  • PVC-tubes, hoses
  • Sealing compositions for impregnation of metal castings
  • Anaerobic adhesive compositions for fixing,sealing, packing
  • Blanks for contact lenses
  • Polymeric base for medicine prolongation
  • Light filters
  • Adhesives of momentary setting
  • Dye concentrates for polymers

 The main directions of the Institute activity are :

  • execution of R & D and technological works at the development of new technological processes and materials ;
  • determination of the implementation of technological processes;
  • design and construction of experimental and industrial small-scale installations;
  • assignment of initial data for design of industrial productions;
  • organization of production and technical scientific support at the industrial manufacture of new types of products.

The Institute activity includes the following types of ecology friendly technological processes and polymer materials:

  • emulsified, microsuspension and suspension polyvinylchloride and copolymers of vinylchloride;
  • high productive processing of polyvinylchloride and polymethylmethacrylate with production of plastisized and non-plastisized materials, optical fibres, casting and extrusion polymers for electrotechnical and automotive industry, construction, food and medicine branches of industry;
  • acrylic copolymers, produced by emulsified, suspension soluble methods, used as the basis for varnishes, paints, planishing preparations, stiffeners, superabsorbents, hydrogels for light, oil, paint , varnish , cosmetics, medicine and other branches of industry;
  • (meth)acrylic monomers - initial raw-materials for (meth)acrylic polymers and copolymers production;
  • polyvinylchloride compositions: cable, shoe and medicine plasticates, films for various application, profile-distillate products, compositions for production of transparent polymer packages ( for mineral and drinkable water, vegetable oils and other food, alcohols);
  • additives for processing of PVC-compositions (lubricants, stabilizers, complex additives);
  • adhesive compositions ( anaerobic and cyanacrylic, PVC-plastisol, aqueous dispersion, organic and water soluble ) for use in modern engineering and medicine;
  • a wide range of high heat stable, chemical enduring, form stable, laser stable, bullet-proof and other organic glasses and silicate triplexes for aircraft, instrument- making, automotive, medicine and other branches of industry.

Working with various technologies and materials, NII polymerov substantially effects the development of chemical industry as well as many other important branches of Russian industry.