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A wide range of products manufactured by V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute, FSUE allows us to satisfy our customers' various demands in a short-term period reliably and qualitatively.
Anaerobic adhesives of Anatherm and Unigerm grades are -

  1. locking, fixing and sealing of various types of joints (thread, flange, cone and flat cylindrical)  with various degrees of  strength: low, medium and high;
  2. eliminating micro defects in castings, welds;
  3. strong bonding of various parts.

Anaerobic adhesives produced at V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute are used to fix stud-bolts, to fasten bearings on transmission shafts, to lock bolts, to pack plugs of cylinder blocks, to pack flanges and threads in pipe-lines, to seal moulded pieces of an engine, to repair out-of-order equipment.
Anaerobic adhesives have a high resistance to corrosive media, temperature drops, vibration, and dynamic load. Application of anaerobic adhesives at the production allows to reduce the products cost price, rejection rate, to speed up and to improve the quality of equipment repair and assembly.

Possible cooperation with V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute

  1. Production of pilot batches of adhesives.
  2. Supply of adhesives on a long term contract base.
  3. Scientific support of adhesives application.
  4. Development of new types of adhesives according to the customer's demands.

Threadlockers for detachable joints

Purpose: Anaerobic threadlockers of Anatherm and Unigerm grades for detachable joints allow to fix joint with various degrees of strength required by customers - low, medium and high. At the same time, sealing of joints is provided.
Properties and application: Threadlockers of Anatherm and Unigerm gradesoperate within the temperature range from -60 C to +150 C. Gaps intervals in the joints are to be from 0,1 to 0,3mm. The threadlocker is applied on the place of junction by brush, bottle dropper or special applicator. The threadlocker can harden at reduced temperatures. Some individual grades can be applied on a surface with little lubricant residue.

Pipe thread and flange joints sealing

Purpose:  Anaerobic adhesives of Anatherm and Unigerm grades are designed to seal gasketless and combined flange and threaded joints of pipe lines which are exposed to vibration and impact load.
Properties and application: AdhesivesAnatherm and Unigerm operate within the temperature range from -60 C to +150 C. Gaps intervals in the joints are to be from 0,1 to 0,5mm. When cured adhesives have a high compression resistance.

Impregnating sealants

Purpose: Impregnating anaerobic sealants are liquid compositions, which can fill micropores and microcracks with sizes up to 0,1mm in metal articles and cure in them forming a solid polymer.
Properties and application: Impregnating sealants are used to eliminate leaks in welds, brazing areas, cast, stamped and rolled articles and etc. Sealants are applied on the leaking area or on the whole surface of the article. The sealant cures either at room temperature or at high temperature, it depends on a grade.

Thermoresistant high-strength threadlockers

Purpose: Thermoresistant high-strength threadlockers of Anatherm grades are liquid compositions which quickly cure in narrow gaps between metal surfaces forming a solid polymer with operating temperatures up to 250 C.
Properties and application: Threadlockers of Anatherm gradesare used to lock, fix and seal smooth and threaded joints in corrosive medium at high temperatures.

V.A.Kargin Polymer Research Institute is a leading branch enterprise on acrylates and PVC research. A great scientific potential of employees and progressive research facilities allow completing tasks set by a customer.

We are open for cooperation!