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г. Дзержинск ФГУП "НИИ Полимеров
Дирекция: (8313) 25-25-25, 25-50-00
Департамент продаж: (8313) 27-22-95, 27-10-63, 26-06-02
Факс: (8313) 27-10-81


Welcome to Dzerzhinsk!


V.A. Kargin Polymer Chemistry and Technology Research Institute with a Pilot-Production Plant (NII Polymerov) is located in Dzerzhinsk , Nizhny Novgorod region. The Institute was founded in 1949 due to academician V.A. Kargin's persistance and support; it was the first institute in the USSR intended to solve the problems of polymethylmethacrylate and polyvinylchloride and in a few years it became a leading enterprise in that field. Scientific activity of the Institute has been dealing with various problems of different branches of science and technics. Development of anaerobic sealants for the military-space machine-building industry of the country was one of the main directions of the Institute growth. Nowadays the Institute continues scientific investigations in the sphere of polymer chemistry, develops and offers materials based on high technologies and the experience of advanced science.

A wide range of our activities allows us to fulfill the universal demand of our customers in the shortest possible time reliably and qualitatively. The Institute can offer unique materials the most of which don't have analogues in Russia.

We would like to present our Institute in the light of its FIELD of ACTION. Our Institute develops technological processes of acrylate, vinylchloride, vinylacetate polymerization, technologies of processing and production of compositions based on polyvinylchloride, polyacrylates, polyolefines and other polymers.

The HISTORY of our Institute is closely connected with the history of the industrial development of our country.

NII polymerov is located in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. More detailed description of its GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION is given below.

NII polymerov carries out RESEARCH WORKS in all spheres of national economy, MANUFACTURES A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS used by various BRANCHES OF INDUSTRY.

The resourcefulness of the MANAGEMENT and high scientific POTENTIAL of the institute helped it to survive in the hard period of Russian economic reorganization. Now the Institute successfully participates in the international business activities.

Development of INTERNATIONAL CONTACTS leads to the growth of the Institute popularity on the world market.

Field of Action

Development of technological processes of synthesis, polymerization and polymers processing.

  • PVC-plasticates
  • PVC-plastisols
  • PVC-filmsAcrylic adhesives
  • Anaerobic sealants
  • Suspension PVCAcrylic monomers
  • Organic glass
  • Bullet-proof armour
  • Products and materials for medicine
  • Transparent articles of polypropylene

Manufacture of scientific and technical products at the Institute pilot-production plant, export and import of goods.

  • Plasticates for food packing

  • PVC-tubes, hoses

  • Sealing compositions for impregnation of metal castings

  • Anaerobic adhesive compositions for fixing, sealing, packing

  • Blanks for contact lenses

  • Polymeric base for medicine prolongation

  • Light filters

  • Adhesives of momentary setting

  • Dye concentrates for polymers

Scientific and technical cooperation with foreign companies.

  • Carrying out investigations under contracts

  • Selling of licenses

  • Distribution activity

Name of the enterprise

V.A.Kargin Polymer Chemistry and Technology Research Institute with a Pilot-Production Plant (NII Polymerov)

Form of property

State enterprise

Name and title of the head of the enterprise

Guzeev Valentin Vasilyevich, General Director, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Productive capacity

Total capacity of synthesis, polymerization and processing - 6000 t/year

Number of employees

820 persons on 01.10.2001

Field of action

  • Development of technological processes

  • Manufacture of scientific and technical products at the Institute pilot-production plant

  • Scientific and technical cooperation with foreign companies.

Name and quantity of manufactured products Research projects and services

PVC-plasticates for food packing, PVC-tubes, hoses, impregnation composition, adhesives, anaerobic sealants, blanks for contact lenses- total sum US$ 3500000/year.


Automotive, food, furniture, machine-building, medicine, aircraft industries